Can you write for The Dissemination?

To be published by 'The Dissemination' one must be currently employed as a researcher or academic with a university or a research institution. PhD candidates under supervision of an academic can also publish with us, but we do not generally publish articles authored by Master and Bachelor degree holders. However, we would make an exception for Master degree holders under following circumstances:

1. He/she has authored or co-authored a book with an ISBN number

2. He/she has authored or co-authored an article with reputed national or international journal

3. He/she is working in a non-profit organisation like Chambers of Commerce and is involved in the research and publication department therein. 

Use  your email ID provided by current institution or organisation

Please enter both your first and last names.

Good examples of job titles are Professor of Economics or Lecturer in Bioinformatics or Researcher in Geology


These details will appear in your article byline to help readers quickly understand your qualifications.


So it’s good to be specific but concise.